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I have made an image with three colors: RGB

I want to swap each channel to a specific color. Is there a way to do that efficiently with GIMP?


enter image description here

I would like:

  • Blue: #434343
  • Red: #EEEEEE
  • Green: #BBBBBB
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For GIMP 2.6.12, Just use Colors -> Map -> Color Exchange

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Try Filters -> Colors -> Map -> Color Exchange... in RGB mode.

You should be able to replace one color with another easily.

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To directly modify how each channel is interpreted, use Colors -> Components -> Channel Mixer.

To get what you want, you would select

  • Blue:
    • Red: 26.3
    • Green: 26.3
    • Blue: 26.3
  • Red:
    • Red: 93.3
    • Green: 93.3
    • Blue: 93.3
  • Green:
    • Red: 73.3
    • Green: 73.3
    • Blue: 73.3
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