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I'm purchasing a new computer from Dell:

Dell Precision T1500 Base for Intel H57 Chipset Quad Core Processor Core i5-750,2.66GHz,8MB Cache, 32-bit

for two of these monitors: Dell U2211H 1920x1080 21.5" DisplayPort

and in the future a possible third monitor.

I'm not a gamer.

I'm technically challenged. What will work with the Dell for Windows XP?

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Since that workstation only has a single PCI-Express x16 slot, you're probably stuck using either an AMD/ATI graphics card with EyeFinity support or a Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go to add your third monitor. Of these options, the EyeFinity card would probably be preferable. See this similar question: Triple output video card

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