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At work (Exchange server) our team often needs to send emails to 500+ partners. It's currently a very dull job, so I've tried the merge features in Office 2007. However, it can't:

  • Include a merge field in the subject ("Regarding your account: ")
  • Send to semi-colon separated addresses (one line might be "alice@partnerone.com;bob@partnerone.com;eve@partnerone.com")
  • Send from a particular mailbox account, and store all the sent mails in Outlook.

Can anyone recommend any free/affordable software which will work with Exchange and can be used commercially?

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Something you can try: http://www.sharewareplaza.com/mail-merge-toolkit-download_15469.html (Haven't used it myself, but it appears to cover your first bullet point. As for the second, that's outlook standard... not sure why you couldn't do that... and for the third bullet point, bcc the e-mail box you want to send it from and then move it to your sent items. At least, that's my recommendation, assuming the toolkit doesn't cover that point directly).

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