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Where can i buy a tv wall mount that can rotate the tv 90 degrees (in the vertical plane) for storage?

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Amazing that you got answers for that one, it's still off-topic. – Bobby Jun 22 '10 at 7:10

For all your TV-mounting related needs, the industry geek-gold-standard go-to website is Monoprice. you simply can't beat the awesome combination of price, quality, and service they offer.

You will be looking for a mount that has Tilt/Swivel functions, like this one.

alt text

EDIT: Forgot you want to ROTATE the TV 90 degrees - it seems Monoprice do not have something like that in stock (tilt/swivel is not rotation).

You could try this mount from Amazon instead - pricy though.

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If you're looking for a wall mount for an LCD or flatscreen TV, this website has a pretty good selection. If the mount can rotate 90 degrees it'll be listed in the specification (many can). When looking for a mount, you need only verify that a) your TV has a VESA-compliant mounting bracket (most do) and b) that the wall mount can support the weight of the TV (and as always, make sure you have a stud in the wall to support the weight!). As long as your TV has the VESA mounting bracket, then all you're looking for is a "VESA wall mount", a search for which google returns numerous results both from online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores.

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