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How to set up bluetooth tethering between a Mac and a verizon nokia 7705?

There doesn't seem to be any/much info on this in the search engines...

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Once you pair it with your Nokia using Bluetooth, under "Network" in "System Preferences", you should be able to see either "Bluetooth" or "Bluetooth PAN" or your device name with a BT icon.

You should key in your APN details in there, then getting online after that should not be a problem.

alt text

This worked on my old Nokia E51, I don't see why it shouldn't work on your 7705 if it's using standard Symbian.

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  1. set up the phone as a bluetooth device as you would any device
  2. choose Nokia for vendor and Dialup for "phone model"
  3. enter as the username (e.g.
  4. enter vzw as the password
  5. enter #777 as the phone number
  6. click continue
  7. from the modem menu choose "connect"

that's it, easy.

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thanks........! – GJ. Jun 22 '10 at 3:28

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