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I'm running OS X 10.6.4. In various browsers (Firefox and Safari), pressing Shift-Tab closes all tabs and windows of the browser. This is contradictory to Apple's keyboard shortcuts page, which describes Shift-Tab as navigate through controls in a reverse direction. I checked System Preferences - Keyboard - Keyboard Shortcuts and don't see any Shift-Tab mappings.

Is there a way to disable or change this? It's quite annoying to accidentally press Shift-Tab and have the entire browser shutdown.

Follow up: It seems Shift-tab will close any application that I'm in. System Preferences - Keyboard - Keyboard Shortcuts "Restore Defaults" doesn't seem to help.

Follow up 2: It seems that this may be related to Safari 5. I'd be interesting if anyone else is seeing this after upgrading to Safari 5.

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I can confirm that Shift+Tab works fine for me, running everything up-to-date.

Two things:

  1. Create a brand-new account to test this behaviour. If it doesn't happen in that account, it's likely that you have some other background application causing the behaviour.

  2. Go back to Keyboard Shortcuts and enable All Controls (at the bottom) and see if that fixes it (normally, Shift+Tab goes back in form controls).

    Screenshot of preferences

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I used another account and had no problems. The problem is with Witch ( I'm now troubleshooting the issue with them. – Wavy Crab Jun 22 '10 at 15:25

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