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I see that there's a -threads <count> command line option in ffmpeg. What is the default value of this option?

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it depends on codec used and your CPU core count. For example libx264 for encoding into H.264 use 1 thread per CPU core.

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Thanks. Do you have a reference to the defaults for some standard codecs supported by ffmpeg? –  scompt.com Jun 22 '10 at 9:26
Don't rely on it. My ffmpeg 0.7.8 on Linux uses 1 thread by default no matter what. –  Barafu Albino Dec 22 '11 at 19:30

assuming you have threading enabled, it assigned 1.5x number of cores.

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As of 2014, it uses an optimal number.

You can verify this on a multi-core computer by examining CPU load (Linux: top, Windows: task manager) with different options to ffmpeg:

  • -threads 0 (optimal);

  • -threads 1 (single-threaded);

  • -threads 2 (2 threads for e.g. an Intel Core 2 Duo);

  • none (the default, also optimal).

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