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Does anyone know of any decent tests done within the last year which measured how memory hungry the main browsers are?

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There's an article about memory usage comparison of popular browsers dated March 4, 2010.

From article:

alt text

Another article, dated July 9, 2009, gives memory usage statistics in a table:

alt text

The best browser for each test is highlighted in green, and the worst is highlighted in red.

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+1, I use Chrome, really like the translation features, but its such a mem hog, luckily I have 6GB's of RAM. – JL. Jun 23 '10 at 9:07
perfect, perfect, perfect, thanks! – Andy Jun 23 '10 at 9:17
You're welcome. – Mehper C. Palavuzlar Jun 23 '10 at 9:17

GHacks provides 2016's data on 32/64-bit browsers memory consumption:

Firefox vs Chrome vs Edge vs Pale Moon vs Vivaldi RAM usage

The winner after opening 10 tabs is Pale Moon 32-bit.

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