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I am using Word 2010 and some built-in features with fields, such as bibliography.

My Word installation is English and I am writing a report in US English. However, my computer has its locale set to Denmark. This affects the formatting of dates and some of the text in the auto-generated fields (e.g. in bibliography it says "citeret:" instead of "cited:").

How can I change the language of the fields to US English?



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+1. I have just written a very long English-language article in Word 2010, and I am pretty annoyed over the fact the automatic bibliography says "5 uppl." ("uppl." [upplaga] is Swedish for "ed." [edition]). –  Andreas Rejbrand May 2 '11 at 22:48

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Right-click the field and select "Change field..." (or whatever the item is called in your language of Word).

In my case, the field is BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1053. 1053 is the Microsoft Locale ID (LCID) for Sweden. I just changed it to BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 2057, where 2057 is the LCID for English - United Kingdom.

Then the bibliography changed language, so there is no more "Fifth upplagan" instead of "Fifth edition"!


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This solves it exactly. Thanks. –  Martin Wiboe May 5 '11 at 8:35
I have a date field (DATE \@ "d MMMM yyyy") . I've tried adding \l 2057 to it, but Word doesn't save the LCID value. It also says that \l is to insert the date in last format of the insert tab, in other words, it doesn't change the language. Do you know how to force the DATE field to be in English? I have MS Word 2010 and a .doc file. –  Bogdan0x400 May 18 '11 at 14:30

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