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I have a key on my built-in keyboard that is starting to die. What can I do to:

  • downright fix it
  • make it better
  • make it easyer to type

Any other hints?

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can you please explain what you mean by is starting to die? Does it randomly work when you press it, does it need to be pushed in harder, etc. –  Serge Jun 23 '10 at 12:29

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Some ideas:

  1. Clean your keyboard. Sometimes a tiny piece of dust may prevent a good key from being pressed normally.
  2. Remap your keyboard. On Windows you can use Keyboard Layout Creator. On Linux you can use xmodmap. This way you will be able to enter symbols from the broken key using another key.
  3. Use an external keyboard.
  4. Buy a new laptop keyboard. They are not expensive, and with care you can even replace it yourself (if you don't have guarantee anymore; unfortunately, laptops are not easy to open). Otherwise, visit a service center.
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