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On a normal installation of Word 2007, when you hover with the mouse over a footnote reference mark, a tooltip appears containing the text of the footnote.

Lately, this has stopped happening on my mom's computer. It used to work, it works fine on other computers.

The "Show Document Tooltips on Hover" checkbox in options is checked, and the mouse cursor does change (to an I-beam with a tiny note) when you hover over the reference mark, the but the tooltip itself is nowhere to be seen.

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Do tooltips appear anywhere on the system? Can you use winspy++ (or spy++ if your mom has Visual Studio on her system... hahaha!) to see if the window is actually appearing? – Michael Pryor Jun 24 '10 at 17:16

Not a great answer, but I eventually solved this problem by running Office Setup, choosing "Repair," and then rebooting the system.

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You can fix this via the MS Word 2007 options panel, or with this line of VBA:

ActiveWindow.DisplayScreenTips = True
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