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I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10.. I had just finished a session on Win7 which was extremely slow, and I decided to restart in safe mode to uninstall some unnecessary software.

I went past grub, and booted into windows and was tapping the F12 key furiously to get the Safe mode option. I mistakenly pressed F11 repeatedly, I saw something getting edited , like a boot line or something and I pressed Escape hoping it would cancel out whatever I typed. I booted into Windows itself (not safe mode) , did the uninstalling, and performed a restart.

EDIT : I pressed F11 repeatedly and got this. This is what is the edited version looks like (incl. approx screen layout)




  HARD DISK : 5b210d4e



The last line, that is OPTIN can only be edited . I'm sure I edited this. Any idea what the default is ?

Now my Windows doesn't boot. When I select Windows from the grub menu, a screen comes giving me two options - Launch system recovery and boot Windows Normally. I chose boot normally, but as soon as the animates Win7 logo appears, there is a flash of BSOD and it restarts. I tried the 'Launch System Recovery' option but it doesn't seem to find any Operating System to locate any System Recovery Points.

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Renew Grub from Ubuntu by executing sudo update-grub in a terminal, this will undo possible changes in Grub. If that doesn't help, I'd say you've installed something he's missing now. – Bobby Jun 23 '10 at 22:29
doesn't sound like a grub problem; sounds like you've confused the win7 bootloader (which grub is chainloading). don't think update-grub will help here. – quack quixote Jun 23 '10 at 22:41
Exactly what I was thinking . I went past the grub alright. I'll try getting that Boot Editor screen again and post what exactly I edited. – 0xff0000 Jun 23 '10 at 22:45
Have you tried the repair option from the Install CD? – Daisetsu Jun 23 '10 at 23:35
Problem with the repair option (no need for CD though on Windows 7) is that it'll probably overwrite the boot loader and erase grub. Be careful where you tread. – user3463 Jun 23 '10 at 23:46

You can use msconfig or bcdedit to modify the win7/vista boot config I presume that changes in msconfig should overwrite any errors for you.

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