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Trying to get a new laptop, but it seems most of them are running on Win7. I was wondering are there still some laptops that come with WinXP or provide XP drivers for downgrade to WinXP? Thanks.

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To the best of my (limited) knowledge Microsoft will not allow OEMs to ship new machines with XP on them. Getting one for a relative a couple of years ago was a hassle. – msw Jun 24 '10 at 3:04
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Very few provide that still. Dell continues to offer XP preinstalled on some of their corporate laptops by using downgrade rights from Windows 7. Two Vostro models and almost all Latitude models are listed as having the XP downgrade option (click the "compare" button to see the charts).

Netbooks are still permitted to be sold with a Windows XP Home license, but only for a few more months. In terms of licensing, any computer with Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate can be legally downgraded to Windows XP Professional. Driver support is variable though.

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