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I compile my own PDF for my personal use from texts copied from other sources and other ebooks I have purchased. When I copy texts from other PDFs, the chapter title, page # and book titile appear multiple times (same as # of pages) in the big single document I have pasted.

Is there any software which will find repeating phrases sentences in a big area of text so that I can replace/remove them?

The function/app should list all repeating phrases in the selected text area and offer suggestion to replace/remove.

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This could be complicated, for example what is considered a phrase. Would "the next step is..." be considered a repeated phrase? or would "the next" be considered repeated. I think you may need to do some scripting if what you are replacing has anything repeatable in it. –  Daisetsu Jun 24 '10 at 19:08
that's true. its complicated. but we set rules like minimum 4 words for a phrase to qualify –  user15660 Jun 28 '10 at 17:06
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Check Calibre. It can be useful to compile a single ebook from multiple sources, also it may have header/footer removal functionality built-in. It's to use for with ebook readers but can be good enough for PC use as well.

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