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My title is define my question so I will give and example:

When I push 'alt + w' it will send keystrokes something like "write me".I mean that all this text will be written by keystrokes.

I tried clavier but I think it doesn't simulate keystrokes ,it paste that text .

I am waiting suggestions.

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Perhaps the keyboard macro feature in autohotkey will suit your needs.

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Have a look at TypeItIn, it is quite handy but however not free.

TypeItIn lets you create groups of buttons that will type any information you want into any application.

You can use TypeItIn to complete forms on the web, or process forms at work.

It's a great tool for applications where you frequently type the same thing like creating HTML code or writing standard letters or emails. Another great use is for entering user names and passwords. You can also launch applications or web sites with the click of a button.

TypeItIn can automatically type in the time or date, work with the clipboard, move & resize windows, and control Internet Explorer. You can also Record your typing to automatically create buttons.

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