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On Chrome for OS X, is it possible to create a shortcut (bookmark) by dragging the star (to the left of the URL) to the desktop or folder? This works on Chrome for Windows but not for the Mac.

Follow up: My OS X Google Chrome does not have the globe icon left of the URL. It looks like this:

Google Chrome on OS X

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Works for me if you mean the globe on the left of the URL rather than the star on the far right. – fideli Jun 26 '10 at 4:54
On my OS X Chrome (5.0.375.86), to the left of the URL is a star, and to the right is a right facing triangle. – Wavy Crab Jun 26 '10 at 6:25
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For me, if i select the address in the address bar, (a little tricky, must select all, wait a tick, and click the selection) and drag that to the finder, a bookmark is created.

Agree that it is annoying that google doesn't keep such a simple behaviour consistent across platforms. It's one thing to adjust UI elements to fit the platform (ie. standard close/zoom controls on the left) and quite another to leave out cross-platform behaviours (ie. the star dragging a bookmark) and expected behaviours (ie. on Mac Safari/Firefox dragging the favicon drags an url bookmark.)

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Yeah Finder issue. Relaunch finder.

Hold Option and Right-Click finder in task bar. On MacBook Ctrl-option-Click.Select relaunch and it works again.

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