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I wanted to install a program called PPS to watch tv, but heard that there were security risk with an earlier version of the program, so I wanted to install it on a Virtual PC.

However, after installing, it will not run. It looks like it detected the PC is a virtual PC and so it won't run. Is there any way to run a virtual PC so that the program cannot detect that it is a virtual PC?

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there are similar questions on stackoverflow which mostly cover how to detect that you are running inside a vm:

so, to detect that you are inside a vm is mostly a matter of:

  • triggering some code which behaves a bit differently when running on a "real" cpu
  • checking the hardware id's of virtual devices (eg, the hardware id of the 'network card' is known .. if the program finds it it 'knows' it runs inside a vm)

to answer your question: i think it is always possible to detect that you are inside a virtual machine. so, you have to either use another program or find out, why PPS does not want to be started inside a vm (maybe some 'hardware' is missing).

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