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I have a new Acer Aspire 4810TZ. The touchpad interprets a "tap" as a "left click" - I would like to turn off this feature because I keep accidentally "clicking" the mouse when I simply want to move the cursor - but so far I have failed to find out how to do it.

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As an aside: note that turning off this feature might also disable things like easy drag & drop, or maybe scrolling using multiple fingers. (And not an answer to your question at all: giving it some time you might really start appreciating it. I have problems operating notebooks that do not support tapping, dragging, scrolling and so on.) – Arjan Jun 26 '10 at 13:45
@arjan: well reducing the mousepad's sensitivity would be an alternative. Just at the moment it seems to be interpreting the slightest touch as a click. – Mick Jun 26 '10 at 13:56
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You have two options:

  1. Turn of the touchpad completely in the Device Manager
  2. Use Control Panel -> Mouse and hope to find an option that disables tapping.
    If you can't find such an option, try to update the driver from the manufacturer's site.
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Found it. I had to bring up "mouse properties", then click the device settings tab, then click "settings", then click "tapping", then deselect "enable tapping". – Mick Jun 26 '10 at 18:29
My driver is messed up and i don't have the bandwidth at the airport to download the driver or time to mess with it, so option 1 is best for me right now since I have another usb mouse i can use – B T Jun 4 '15 at 18:45

I recall the Aspire comes preinstalled with a mouse driver that interprets taps as clicks, circular drags as scrolling, and other such annoyances. There is a way to turn this off, but it's been over a year since I fixed the same problem and do not have the machine in front of me.

Look in Control Panels for a suspiciously-named panel like "UltiMouse" with options like "AccelaScroll" and uncheck them. Or it might be a tab in the Mouse control panel.

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