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I have a dual boot setup with Ubuntu and Windows 7, I generally use Ubuntu but some times start Windows 7. Every time I have used Windows 7 my GRUB2 installation brakes and as soon as GRUB2 is launched the computer reboots and keeps doing this forever.

I then need to boot with live CD, chroot and reinstall GRUB2. This takes a lot of time is really annoying.

Obviously something in windows itself or some application in windows rewrites a part of the MBR. I can't understand that this is not considered a big security issue in windows since it completely takes out the computer so that none of the OS can boot.

Can I in some way write-protect the MBR in windows? Is there any type of software built in to windows or some anti-virus or similar that can do this?

Regardless of which application in windows that brakes the MBR there must be a general way of denying this applications write permissions to the MBR.

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Thanks for the links, I have already read those questions and that is why I'm looking for a way to simply write protect the MBR, to prevent all these DELL utilities and others from writing to the hdd's MBR. – Tirithen Jun 28 '10 at 12:43

If you have makeactive in you menu.lst entry for Windows try removing it to see if it helps.

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I can't find and menu.lst file, I'm using GRUB2 and I think menu.lst is only used in GRUB. – Tirithen Jun 28 '10 at 12:47
Then it is grub.cfg which should be somewhere in /boot/grub/ – Cheesebaron Jun 28 '10 at 13:07

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