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Possible Duplicate:
Convert PDF to Word document?

I have done a search on google before but all I got was online pdf converters that looked quite cheesy and almost always asked for the email to get the converted doc file.

I suppose there are some more professional solutions out there. I don't really mind if they are paid, however, it would be nice if it was freeware or even better open source. Do you know any?

Thanks in advance.

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I have tried many of them. Like NitroPDF. But the best is still Able2Extract.

Sadly, I've never seen a free product doing this, nor an open-source one. One have to pay serious amount of money if he wants to convert. If you need just a few conversion or something, contact me through the address you can find on my profile page.

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Media-Convert is an online one that does not ask for your e-mail address (well, it does, bit you can wait for the conversion to finish). My preferred online converter is ZamZar but that does ask for an e-mail address.

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