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I'm looking for a good RSS reader for Linux, something that is around the same quality as NetNewsWire for OS X.

Is there anything good out there?

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Why not use Google Reader?
Works on any platform.
There's even an "Offline Reading" feature now, so no need for an always-on internet connection.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I had been using Google Reader around a year ago, and switched over to NetNewsWire for offline support. I just switched back and installed gears to get the offline support I was looking for. Thanks! – Nick Haddad Jul 30 '09 at 15:24

Google Reader is platform independent, and the best RSS reader I've used. Other options I liked on Linux:

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I would suggest the Google Reader.
and maybe Chromium if you are adventurous.
We hold our breath for GoogleOS -- for short periods only...
It could become an interesting place.

Some useful links if you are moving from NNW because of the Linux platform,

There are also other NNW alternatives you can check

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I use the RSSyl plugin for Claws Mail. I'm quite happy with it so far and I like the fact that I only need one application open for mail and feeds. Of course, Google Reader is even more lightweight, but - at least when I used it - it was too unreliable.

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For my rss'ing, I currently use thunderbird. I've also found that I really enjoyed akgregator. Very configurable, while also not looking overly "busy" in its ui design.

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I am using RSSOwl for couple of years now. Lots of extra features like HTTP auth-ed feeds, labeling, custom local searches. Embedded browser does not support flash plugin though (at least out of the box), so I occasionally have to fire up browser to see what's going on in the news item. Liferea is another more or less solid (and way more lightweight than RSSOwl) application for Linux.

As for google reader - I don't want my feeds to be used for any third-party profit (like tuning advertising for my interests or whatsoever). The less data you spill onto Google's cloud the better.

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