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i have this weird problem that i'm not sure is specific to me, but more of a windows 7 or Lenovo laptop, so any help would be appreciable.

the problem is as follows:

Whenever i use skype, msn or any other thing that make noise, the speakers are muted automatically and i need to press the mute/unmute button to re-enable the sound.

Does anyone know what can i do to disable windows 7 from doing it?


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Check volume adjustment options when communication applications are activated:

  • Right-click on the volume icon in the task tray (by the clock)
  • Choose Playback Devices
  • Go to Communications Tab (I suspect you have the Mute option chosen at the moment
  • Switch to appropriate option (Reduce volume or Do nothing)
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Only know the in-built IF someone is speaking, the volume will go down. You can disable that through the sound options. Try installing the sound driver provided by Lenovo (I've got a SoundMax controller) and wrangle a bit with the settings. (My laptop is a T500 so this may not apply to you. Please edit your answer and tell us what kind of model you've got.)

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this is IdeaPad u350. can you send me the driver that you downloaded? or explain me how do i know which driver i need to download from lenovo? – Or A Jun 30 '10 at 16:51

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