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I am accessing web (port 80) using a proxy server which requires authentication. For web browser, it pops a window where I can enter my username and password but when I am using command-line (cmd) and try to run a program which uses web, no authentication window is poped and it says that authentication fails. I have entered proxy address in IE which the whole system uses but how can I find some alternative to authentication window for command-line?

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What program are you using? Some tools like wget/curl will allow you to pass the proxy auth credentials. – Zoredache Jun 27 '10 at 1:34

This is kind of an old question, but I came across it and saw it didn't have an accepted answer, so I'll give some feedback in case anyone else stumbles across this question.

I had to authenticate myself with a corporate proxy using the command line so I could install some Rubygems. I used

set http_proxy=

I'm not sure why the proxy server didn't recognize me even though I was logged into my corporate account, but I needed to re-authenticate myself, and that worked for me. After using that command, I could download the Rubygems. It does require you to type your password in plaintext, and that will appear in plaintext to anyone doing a packet capture during your session. Maybe someone can suggest a way to feed in credentials securely?

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The command line is not the one in charge of HTTP authentication - it is the program you run from the command line. There is no setting that would work for all command line run programs.

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