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Ubuntu 10.04's ls can show unicode characters, but tree cannot, even with tree --charset unicode or utf8. Is there a way to solve it. echo could interpret the escape characters except cat list.txt | echo -e won't work (list.txt comes from tree > list.txt)

Update: tree -H can output unicode (should be in UTF-8) but right now it seems this is the only way -- as a webpage.

$ ls -R
list2.txt  list.txt  久未在遊行場合露面的前總統李登輝.txt  遊行

大家2.txt  大家.txt

$ tree --charset unicode
|-- list2.txt
|-- list.txt
|-- \344\271\205\346\234\252\345\234\250\351\201\212\350\241\214\345\240\264\345\220\210\351\234\262\351\235\242\347\232\204\345\211\215\347\270\275\347\265\261\346\235\216\347\231\273\350\274\235.txt
`-- \351\201\212\350\241\214
    |-- \345\244\247\345\256\2662.txt
    `-- \345\244\247\345\256\266.txt

1 directory, 5 files

$ tree --charset utf8
├── list2.txt
├── list.txt
├── \344\271\205\346\234\252\345\234\250\351\201\212\350\241\214\345\240\264\345\220\210\351\234\262\351\235\242\347\232\204\345\211\215\347\270\275\347\265\261\346\235\216\347\231\273\350\274\235.txt
└── \351\201\212\350\241\214
    ├── \345\244\247\345\256\2662.txt
    └── \345\244\247\345\256\266.txt

1 directory, 5 files
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Try this:

tree -N
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it works! great solution! – 太極者無極而生 Jun 27 '10 at 4:49

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