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I've been thinking of making an image of my laptop's hard drive for backup purposes.

What would be the best way of doing this? I know about dd but is there a more user-friendly way, perhaps a GUI front-end to dd?

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You should use an incremental back-up solution like suggested by The Journeyman Geek or me, making an image will take a lot of time every back-up while the other way will add the differences to the back-up. – Tom Wijsman Jun 27 '10 at 10:07
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if its windows 7, why not use the built in backup tool? it included a backup and full bare metal restore function i believe.

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If you don't care to spend a bit of money, check out the impressive Genie Timeline Professional.

This let's you go back in time, deleted a file 1 week ago? No problem, go back in time and recover it!

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if your OS is windows 7 you can use backup options of this OS but if not you can use a program (acronis true image home 2010 or similar versions) ..... ((( win7 's back-up will copy every data but compression level is very low i guess but with the program you can decrease the size of your backup with %40 may be more but it depands of your data i guess)))

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