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I'm looking for a Linux CLI app that can accept a list of IP addresses and draw dots on the world map. All I want is to get an image file containing the world map and dots pointing to IP locations.

A webservice won't do it, because I might need to run this on computers that don't have permanent access to the Internet, so I need a standalone app. AFAIK there are freely downloadable GeoIP databases, so this shouldn't be a problem.

I'm posting here because I failed to find such an app by googling and I need advice from the community before eventually trying to write something like this myself.

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since you can not use an online service, you have to bring the whole database (containing the mapping of ip-range to location) onto the machine(s). as far as i can see,

seems to offer such a database (you have to pay for it). it further offers APIs in several languages, for example C:

another (free) option seems to be

with that you can easily hack your own cli-tool, which then paints some dots onto another picture (a world map).

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