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I recently moved from Windows to Mac Os X and I need a Personal Finance software. Main functionalities needed:

  • track expenses and income, on credit cards, cash, current accounts
  • report, classify, analyze the spending and income
  • manage my financial portfolio (equities, mutual funds, ETF) with mark-to-market, evaluation of P&L, ...

I am based in Italy, therefore the application should have Euro as base currency.

I strongly doubt that the Online Banking of Italian banks can be interfaced with any existing application, therefore I will need to enter manually all transactions; therefore, manual input /transaction booking must be easy and effective.

I have read this: http://superuser.com/questions/1583/os-x-money-management-software but it does not completely match with my needs.

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Koku is a surprisingly pleasant personal finance manager for OS X. Plus, it is compatible with several well known personal finance manager file formats and can direct connect to certain financial institutions.

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I've spent some time on the Koku website and the application looks very nice. Apparently it does not manage the Financial Portfolio, but for this I can survive with Excel. Thanks Mike for the reply. –  Pietro Jun 28 '10 at 20:37

GnuCash is available for OS X. I have no opinion on the package but presume it is competent.

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I had the same dilemma recently. This is not a facetious answer, but finding nothing decent (at the time) for the Mac OS, I got BootCamp, Windows and Quicken. This meant that I can actually share data with my laptop, too. However, I up-voted Mike Anderson's suggestion of Koku, new since I last looked; it seems not bad and I'll give it a shot.

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