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I can't use the iDVD "OneStep DVD" button to copy video from my camcorder to a DVD—see "Why does nothing happen after I press OK after selecting OneStep DVD in iDVD (with my Canon HV20 connected)?". Is there another Mac OS X application (or a feature or combination of features in the iLife apps) that would allow me to easily do this?

Update: I tried iMovie (`09), but it seems designed for many short clips rather than a single long recording (a one-hour childrens' play in this case). It wouldn't import the entire recording into a single clip.

Update #2: I guess I should try Final Cut Express?

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two tagging notes: (1) please use the tag [osx] when referring to Mac OS X -- the tag [mac-os] is for System 9 and earlier. (2) please use the tag [camera] to refer to video cameras as well as still cameras -- there's no need for a separate [camcorder] tag. – quack quixote Jun 29 '10 at 14:24
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Final Cut Express worked. I used it to capture video from the camcorder, and export that video to a QuickTime movie, which I then burned to a DVD using iDVD.

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