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Possible Duplicate:
Can I use more than one internet provider at the same time?


I have a scenario here:

There are two different DSL services available from different service providers.

Routers from both services are assigning IP to each machine through DHCP service.

both are connected to each other through Ethernet wire(Cross-Over Cabling).

Now I want to use both services at once on each machine connected to the LAN. The reason I have here is :

All computers should be on same LAN.

if both services could be used at the same time my internet speed would be double.

Thanks in Advance

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Yes, you can bind two connections together with a certain type of router (but this won't necessarily "double" your throughput, it will load balance). Try the Linux solutions LARTC or IPcop, or get a Cisco router. There are also software packages like Midpoint and SurfDoubler which may help you.

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