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How do I connect from Snow Leopard to a \\server\folder location on a windows server?

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Command-K (or the "Connect to Server..." menu item) in finder. Then type:



(And this question belongs on

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If you want to do this from the command line, you can do:

open smb://server/share


open cifs://server/share  

You can access this by then navigating to /Volumes

cd /Volumes/share
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Don't forget to enable SMB sharing in the sharing settings. That is, if you intend to go both ways.

If you are serious about working in a dinamic mixed environment, try a third party solution such as

I wish it would all just work.

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I need to do this quite often, and i use a great piece of freeware called WinShortcutter:

The best thing about this is that you can select the UNC path (eg \\server\folder) and open directly with a keyboard shortcut. You can also rightclick a network folder and copy a path to the clipboard (useful for sending to Windows colleagues).

Finally, you can set up mappings so that when someone sends you a path to S:\folder\, it will open the correct folder on the server.

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