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Question: what can I uses as a glue and how should I apply it to the circuit board and case of my jump drive so the two stay together again?


I have a Corsair Flash Voyager. It's a lovely jump drive and the rubber casing is a down right brilliant idea. But I recently bent the drive and now all the glue that held the rubber case to the circuit board inside has broken off and there are times when I pull the drive out that I only get the case and the circuit board stays in the USB port.

I need a way to put new glue on to the drive so that this won't keep happening. I assumed probably some kind of silicon glue, but I wanted to be sure. I don't want to have to buy a new jump drive, so i didn't want to fry it with something i was uncertain about. But also, I don't know what kind of silicon glue there is out there. hence my asking.

Any Suggestions?

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I'd think anything that doesn't need to be mixed, or doesn't come with a solvent primer would be fine. Most glue is non-conductive, and there are various brands of "secure" jumpdrives where part of the security is to encase the chip in a solid block of glue.

I'd probably use plain old superglue.

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Superglue is what I have always used – Chris Disbro Jun 28 '10 at 17:52
Comment from an anonymous user: I'd probably would use a plain old superglue or sturdy elmers glue. Note that using a hot glue gun could damage, if not melt, your usb drive. – Tom Wijsman Oct 28 '12 at 23:33

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