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I want to automate the disabling of my touchpad, my display and my wifi card; when I connect my usb mouse, my 24inch lcd and my ethernet cable respectively.

Devbox does half the job by giving me a command line way to shut things down, but i don't have any way to activate it.

The most annoying on that list is that my trackpad keeps interrupting my typing and throwing me off. I can't use the touchpad drivers that come with my ASUS laptop because they are horribly buggy and make the touchpad jerky. even the updated one has that bug.

My touch pad shows up as a ps2 mouse to top it off.

If your answer also turns it off while typing, all the better.

Im on an Asus UL30A, with an elan touchpad.

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Maybe try using the ms-dos wmic command, or change WMI values with VBScript or Powershell? – Abbafei Feb 17 '11 at 8:50

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