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What is most popular dictionary in Linux? I am beginner and don't know which one to install, because Application Center Ubuntu lists me a lot of dictionaries when I search for a dictionary. Which one do you recommend me to install? Or should I download another one from somewhere?

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StarDict FTW.

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And sdcv - the CLI frontend for its dictionaries. –  vtest Jul 3 '10 at 16:56

Ubuntu & Gnome ship with the Gnome Dictionary by default. I believe it is part of the Office applications. Since it's the default, this will make it the most popular dictionary.

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Most applications do use ispell or aspell implementations.

Not all the dictionaries support all the languages. You should ask for a dictionary specific to the language.

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Do you want one that works well for you, or the most popular?

Ubuntu makes it easy to install and remove those programs, so install them all and give each a cursory glance (e.g. use them several times over several days) and see which best meets your needs.

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Probably the dict command is most popular.

dict banana
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