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I'm having an issue where the Error 1935 comes up every time I try to install Adobe, Open Office, AutoDesk, or anything that uses InstallShield. This has gotten too intrusive to ignore for any longer. How do I fix the error present in the image below:

I've tried the following:

  • Reboot
  • Rename m?coree.dll
  • Install under Safe Mode (which doesn't work very well at all)
  • Uninstall, clean, reinstall VBC++ Redist.

Any ideas?

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Which version of redistributables have you installed? It's not VB, it's rather VC8

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Please see the following two articles for possible solutions:

Error 1935 when you install Acrobat 8.1 or Adobe Reader (8.1 or later on Windows Vista)

How to fix Error 1935 in Microsoft Office

Although the articles relate to other products, the solutions they propose are quite general.

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