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Possible Duplicate:
Compare directories on Windows

I copied many many files from one hard drive to another. During the process some of the files where skipped. I now want to find who they where and try to take care of them.

How can I figure out what files are missing from my copy ?

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Teracopy is excellent, and it can do that.

Also, it can verify that the files were correctly copied (checksum each end and compare).

It's also a all-around nice replacement/upgrade for the windows copy dialog.

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If you are using TotalCommander as your file manager, than there's a "Synchronize Dir..." command that will show you a visual comparison between two directory structures. It is very efficient, and much faster to use than traditional diff software.

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I ended using PathSync

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Thank you that was helpful – Nickool Nov 18 '15 at 18:18

You can try Beyond Compare to do the comparison.

To make the copy, try robocopy and keep a logfile. It gives clear output what has been skipped.

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I've had some success with Microsoft's Sync Toy, it doesn't cope very well with removable drives which are allocated a different drive letter each time they are connected but it might help you:

Microsoft Sync Toy

You would set up a sync partnership between the two different directories and then in theory running the Sync Toy would synchronise the two.

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I am using SyncBack - Freeware from 2brightsparks.

When you start the program it pops up with the config for a new task. Select backup and the two folders you want to check. After clicking on run the program checks the differences and shows you a list of all the files. Afterwards you can decide if Syncback should copy the missing files.

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