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When you copy and paste a URL from the address bar of FireFox or IE it is put on the clipboard as plain text.

When you copy and paste a URL from the address bar of Chrome it is put on the clipboard as formatted text in Times New Roman font.

Having to Ctrl+Space every time I paste a URL into an email or Word doc is getting very boring!

I do have PureText set up to paste plain text on Win+v but most of the time I forget to use it with Chrome URLs and end up doing Ctrl+v, Ctrl+z, Win+v.

Is there any way to force Chrome to use plain text like FF and IE?

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This is a confirmed bug in Chrome / Chromium which has been around since version 0.2

Bug report filed on Sep 3, 2008:

Reading through the comments it's not very high on the list of priorities to fix.

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