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The card is Intel Centrino Advanced N-6200.
[ ]

I need it to inject packets, so I run search in google to check it it's supports packet injection, but couldn't find any relevant result.
I'm new with all this packet-injections using, so can someone please help me with this research? I just need to know if this card (which I already purchased) will support this feature.

OS to be in used: Linux ubuntu.

Many thanks

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This should help you out.… – John Jun 29 '10 at 14:44

Is it already installed on the linux system? If so then running:

aireplay-ng -9 [interface name]

will run an injection test. Normally I believe this can later be fiddled, if it fails, by using different drivers though stability may take a hit. aireplay is part of the aircrack suite available in synaptics package manager or via apt-get.

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The aircrack-ng website has a tutorial that covers how to test injection as well as all other steps needed.

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