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I need to go through a list of pages on a specific site so that each page content I visit could be automatically saved with some filename in a specific directory. It's a survey site that only allows step-by-step viewing of these pages so I can't just download them all, I need to do it step by step. Where can I search for some solution for the task?

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There is Auto Save Document addon which can store the currently shown document in a separate directory automatically when browsing a certain site. It has some limitations. The documents are stored as html-text only (no embedded objects like pictures etc.), and there's 100 pages limit. So I'm not sure if it can meet your needs.

Another addon is Read It Later. It can save pages to a reading list with just one click. It's not full automatic, so you need to click on the small arrow next to the location bar whenever you want to save a page.

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