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Adobe Acrobat optimizer has an Audit Space Usage function that displays the percentage of the file size of each type of component, e.g. images, fonts, etc. See this page for an example.

Is there an open-source tool that does the same thing?

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This sounds like a pretty specialized function, I would say chances are low. – Daisetsu Jun 29 '10 at 19:33
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I found a program that does this. It is from this location. I used the command

python --stats target.pdf

and got an output like this:

info: This is rUNKNOWN.
info: computing statistics for PDF: target.pdf
info: PDF size is 6805076 bytes
info: stat contents_objs = 316509 bytes (5%)
info: stat font_data_objs = 147998 bytes (2%)
info: stat header = 16 bytes (0%)
info: stat image_objs = 5999532 bytes (88%)
info: stat linearized_xref = 17161 bytes (0%)
info: stat other_objs = 317204 bytes (5%)
info: stat separator_data = 27 bytes (0%)
info: stat trailer = 134 bytes (0%)
info: stat wasted_between_objs = 18 bytes (0%)
info: stat xref = 6477 bytes (0%)
info: end of stats
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