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I have PDF files that are maritime charts, like this one from the Delaware Bay

There is a lot of detailed information in the image. When I show them on a monitor, all the details are shown. When I put them on the Nook, they are sized to fit the Nook screen (about 3*5) and all the details are lost. Since the Nook pdf reader does not have a zoom feature, the charts are unreadable.

I'd like to convert them to fit on the Nook screen(600*800px). This means the images would need to be sliced into multiple images (ie a single image (page) would get split into 5 rows and 4 columns). In a perfect world, they would get converted with a slight overlap, left to right, top to bottom. I could then page through the smaller slices to find the section I need.

I had used PaperCrop in the past to convert two column PDF's (highly recommended) but it can't do anything with the images. ImageMagick does a lot with combining images, but I didn't see any split options to split the image into tiles.

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Use Ghostscript to convert pdf file into a managable postscript file or jpeg file, then re-write as PDF with Ghostscript if desired:


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Extract the images using pdfimages (distributed with poppler) and then use ImageMagick to resize and combine them.

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I updated the question to add that I need to split the images into smaller segments (tiles?). I see how ImageMagick can combine them, is there a way to dice the full size image into smaller parts? –  Astro Jun 30 '10 at 10:52

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