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I Get message Connection refused when trying to connect to other computer in network.

My System Ubuntu:

computer1 ip:

computer2 ip:

computer1 shell:

$ ftp
ftp> open
ftp: connect: Connection refused

How can I solve this problem?


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please show us the iptables rules of the pcs and the output of netstat -lnt on the ftp serving pc – matthias krull Jun 30 '10 at 8:26
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This could be a number of things.

  • Your router could be configured to not allow cross network connections.
    • Check your router settings.
  • Your receiving computer could have a firewall that is blocking this request.
    • Check in the /var/logs/ directory for security iptables or ufw logs.
  • Your sending computer could have a firewall blocking the request out.
  • Your ftpd could be configured on a different port?
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Thanks,which commands should i do inj shell to check options that you write? – Yosef Jun 30 '10 at 5:05

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