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Usually if I want a particular add-on button to show up in the bookmark toolbar instead of the menu toolbar, etc. I fire up Customize Toolbars and drag/drop the buttons.

Drag and drop clearly doesn't work for the status bar, though. Some add-ons have a status bar icon option, but is there an external solution that works for everything?

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Probably worth noting that Firefox 4 will very probably allow you to just drag Add-On icons to the status bar (but may well get rid of the status bar totally if you don't have any icons using it)… – GAThrawn Jul 1 '10 at 15:55
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Whether a Firefox Add-on enables the placement of an icon or control in the Firefox statusbar is determined by the Add-on itself. In other words, if the Add-on's developer has not made a statusbar icon or control part of the Add-on, there is nothing you can do through standard Firefox customization to change that.

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If someone ask a question like that in my opinion you should write how to reprogram that addon, to fit that particular icon there...

I'm searching for a solution like that in this moment. When usually I can't move something, and there is no native functionality for that, like how you wrote here. Then i usually ten to change the extension that way so that functionality would be included.

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The only way you can have a status bar icon for an addon is if you downloaded the source, programmed it in, and installed it. There is no native customization menu for the status bar in Firefox.

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