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Does someone knows a small linux distro that comes with apt package?

I tried puppy linux and dsl, but I didn't like any of those.

I am looking to setup a LAMP into a virtual machine with a small linux, and I am looking for a distro with apt because i am familiar with the package, and it would be easier for me to setup and upgrade a server.

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You can create a minimal, customised virtual image with vmbuilder (docs), from the python-vm-builder package.

sudo vmbuilder kvm ubuntu

vmbuilder relies on a very useful debian command, debootstrap.

There is also virt-install (virtinst package), which can work from an install cd. You can use a netinstall image, here are debian's, and here is ubuntu's mini.iso. virt-install isn't quite as fast and automated as the python-vm-builder option, I'd only use that to have the option to run the debian-installer or as a fallback for non-debian, non-debootstrap distros.

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thats pretty cool –  fazpas Jul 1 '10 at 17:59

Maybe Turnkey LAMP Stack Appliance fits your needs.

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That looks cool, I will try the ISO cause im using virtualbox. –  fazpas Jun 30 '10 at 1:32
I'd upvote 1000 times if I could! Thanks, thanks, thanks! –  dag729 Jun 30 '10 at 1:46

Ubuntus JeOS was beeing build for exactly your purpose.


as single iso until 8.04

Now part of the server iso. Just select "install minimal virtual machine" in the install menu.

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Have a look at ArchivistaVM, it is only about 100 MByte (with Xorg + Firefox), or 72 MByte without GUI:


Zip-File without GUI (same password) https://www.archivista.ch/avtest5.zip

It works completely in RAM, startup time is about 15 or 20 seconds, there is a cluster mode (drdb), but at this time, the documentation is not yet fully available in English.

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Well for light DE you could try lubuntu.

If you just want something light, then use the Ubuntu minimal install and build from there

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  • has apt-get
  • can use LXDE

"Trisquel Mini" download is 456 MB

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