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Is there a server-side script, or better yet a browser plugin (for FF or Chrome, I guess) that gives you a REAL UNIX Console inside the browser.

The point being to get a full-fledged system inside a browser-only distro.

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If you're asking about how to get shell (console) access to the local computer, the one on which the web browser is running, there are security restrictions in place to prevent that. – David Z Jun 30 '10 at 4:13
I think he means Chrome-OS or something like it. – Fake Name Jun 30 '10 at 10:46
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There are several java applications that run in browser that can serve as a ssh client. Webmin distributes one in their software. Searching google has turned up quite a few options.

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Another option is phpshell - It has been a while since I've used it, so I don't really know how good it is today. But, obviously, your machine will either need to run a webserver & php or you need to have the capacity to install this.

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Try switching virtual terminals if its X based (control alternate Fx) or Ctrl+Alt+T if its chromium.

If its trying to connect to a ssh server you want- Firstly i'd warn that this is terribly insecure, and probably defeats the purpose of ssh.

On the other hand, if you did want a web based terminal, especially for use with a smartphone webshell is pretty good - it even has an on screen keyboard. The design is a bit iphone centric, i suppose but it'll work on any modern web browser, and it easy to setup.

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