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In explorer I'd like to be able to highlight a group of icons and then right click-> send to-> New Folder. How can I accomplish this? Bonus points if the focus is on the folder name after this completes.

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See this, Right click copy to, move to


You would then need to select the folder location and then click the "Make new folder" button

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I still feel this can be done with less effort –  YHVH Jul 7 '10 at 2:36
That still takes two steps. Is there anyway to Add that "Send to New Folder" functionality? One click and you have moved all files into a new folder, versus the ugly having to select something from a dialog box. –  user82023 May 19 '11 at 16:22

You could do it via the 'Edit' menu item in Vista. First make the menu bar visible via the 'Organize' icon on the top left of an Explorer window >> then select Layout >> Menu Bar.

Then after highlighting what you want click 'Edit' >> 'Copy To Folder' or 'Move To Folder'.

You can create a new folder from that explorer pop up window thereafter.

Here's a detailed step by step guide:

Vista's Hidden Copy To and Move To Folder Commands

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