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I can only find system requirements for Endnote X4, but I only have access to a copy of X3.0.1 [I've now found the specs for Endnote X3 and it says Vista or XP, but most XP stuff runs fine on 7?]

I had Endnote X3 on Vista then my C drive died. When I replaced it I got 64 bit Windows 7. Now I can't re-install Endnote. When I try to install it, it keeps saying "this installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows installer package".

It may have been installed on E drive, so could some of the left over files be causing trouble? I wouldn't think they'd stop the install package opening at all though? [I tried gathering all the loose files from it together in one folder. It hasn't seemed to help so far.]

I contacted the university library who I have access to X3 through (the package vendor I guess), but it's uni break so I don't like my chances of them getting back to be any time soon.

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yes it seems it is, i have it working now

solved either by cleaning up all the files from the old installation which were floating around, or possibly by downloading it in explorer instead of chrome.

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