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I would like to be able to use the symbol for CMD in a document, without requiring an image. Obviously, if the display font doesn't support it there'll be a problem, but given that it's in a document that will only ever be shown on a mac it should be fine ... if it's possible at all.

Is it? If so, how?

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copy and paste me: ⌘ – username Jul 12 '10 at 13:30
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There are two options that I can think of:

  1. Go to the Wikipedia article and copy and paste the character.
  2. Initial Setup: Enable the Unicode Hex Input as a keyboard in System Preferences => Language and Text => Input Sources. Also check "Show Input menu in menu bar". To type character: Select Unicode Hex Input from the keyboard selector in the menu bar. Type 2318, the Unicode character code, while holding down the Alt key.
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Set the font to wingdings and press the 'z' key

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In System Preferences > Keyboard, check "Show Keyboard & Character Viewer in menu bar". Then select the Character Viewer, click in the "Description & code" field, start typing "PLACE OF INTEREST SIGN", and when it shows up, select it. You can add it to your Favorites here in Character Viewer so you can more easily select/enter it in the future.

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