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For those who don't know how it works: btguard is a password protected SOCKS5 proxy. I am looking for an easy way to use it as an internet browsing privacy solution. Here are two options I entertained and found none of them working the way I like:

  • There's a couple socksifyer tools, which would start a program and force it to use socks proxy for all network communication. problems: 1) couldn't find any that works under windows 7 in x64 mode 2) those which start in x86 mode will not socksify internet explorer anyway

  • There's a way to configure browser to use SOCKS, but I couldn't find a way to configure browser to use password protectes SOCKS proxy.

  • It's possible to chain local proxy to the one provided by btguard, but I couldn't find any software which will do that. Can someone who succeeded post here a name of software and how to configure it?

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I don't know how to do it under windows, but you can do it under Linux:

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Cannot browse to this URL, here's where it lands: – galets Apr 15 '12 at 18:53

Opera browser supports SOCKS5 with authentication. I've specifically installed it to make more use of btguard for that purpose. Configure the SOCKS5 details via Opera | Settings | Preferences | Advanced | Network | Proxies. onfirm all an then type at URL prompt the "opera:config" to access the Preferences Editor. This will allow you to set under the Proxy menu the SOCKS username/password as provided by btguard.

Works great, also while uTorrent already has concurrent connections open.

I couldn't find a way wit Firefox, Chrome and IE yet.

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