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I see a page dedicated to an iTerm plugin after googling "quicksilver iterm", but I can find no place to download it, and it doesn't appear to have built-in support. There's a section in preferences where you can change the terminal program, but it's greyed out and set on the default terminal.

Does anyone know how to make QuickSilver use iTerm instead of the default Terminal?

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how about some 'accepted answer' love? :) – peelman Aug 12 '10 at 13:37
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You should just be able to go to the Plugins tab and find it in the list.

Plugins Tab ->iTerm

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That is strange. I don't see that plugin. – Jeremy Cantrell Jun 30 '10 at 23:13
What version are you using? – Jeremy Cantrell Jun 30 '10 at 23:18
A reinstall fixed it. – Jeremy Cantrell Jun 30 '10 at 23:20
I'm using B56a7, Glad you got it working. – peelman Jul 1 '10 at 12:27

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