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Possible Duplicate:
GUI FTP client for Mac?

Is there a free FTP client for the mac?

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Cyberduck is one of the best FTP client and it's free

Website such as or can help you find software for Mac OS

Please also note that the Finder has a built in FTP client. (command-k then ftp://..)

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cyberduck, or fugu should work. I think the command line UNIX version is also there. Did you google for "OSX free ftp client" or "Mac free ftp client?"

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Presumably you mean a GUI client right? as there's a perfectly good FTP CLI client already installed, plus you can always just connect via an FTP prefixed URL in Finder.

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Where's that installed default FTP client? haven't found any on my snow leopard installation... does it have a name? – Anonymous Jul 1 '10 at 12:38

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